Video: An Epic Rant About the Sochi Dog Disaster

There have been lots of new stories about the dogs of Sochi, but few have been as straight-shooting or as passionate as this rant from ESPN’s Keith Olbermann. He also offers lots of context about how the International Olympic Committee has played a nefarious role in all of this. The video is a couple weeks old—I can’t believe I missed it—but every word is a true today as it was then. Wow.

2 thoughts on “Video: An Epic Rant About the Sochi Dog Disaster”

  1. I thank Keith for bringing the Sochi dogs to our attention. But, hey? What about the plight of US dogs (and cats)? WE don’t talk about the 8 to 10 MILLION animals (cats, dogs, horses) that are destroyed each YEAR in the U.S. because of overpopulation. 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that enter an animal “shelter” are euthanized. Why? Simply because there is no one to adopt them. And no agency requiring spay/neuter and no one overseeing the puppy mills that shoot out thousands of unhealthy, unneeded animals just for the sake of making a buck or two.
    C’mon America, don’t shake your head at Sochi when WE have just as bad a problem here at home.

  2. Thank you for this video.
    I head about this problem weeks before the opening ceremony. I also chose not to watch or participate in the Olympics because of this problem.
    I know that we have a huge problem in the US with the animal population, and we should to continue to save and sterilize our pets here in the us.
    The point here is the out of control population of strays in Russia to begin with. But outright killing stray dogs to save face is barbaric! I’m not surprised tho. I am disgusted!

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