Video: “A Stray Hero,” a Story of True Devotion

A Stray Hero from Hisyam on Vimeo.

This is a wonderful short documentary about an elderly couple in Malaysia, who have devoted their lives to saving stray dogs. What makes their efforts more remarkable is that they are Muslims, part of a culture that considers dogs taboo, filthy, and un-Islamic. Their work is so unusual that they have had a profound effect on those around them. The tradespeople who help provide food for the dogs are clearly humbled by the experience. As one man says of the stray dogs, “Even though they are dirty, but the soul is clean.”

Click here for more of the story.

Click here to visit the Pak Mie Shelter Facebook page.

Pak Mie

Pak Mie’s devotion is all the more incredible in a culture that considers dogs “filthy.”

photo courtesy Hisyam

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