Video: Family Dog Helps rescue Toddler Lost in the Woods

A three-year-old boy trying to follow his dad wandered into the woods behind his Virginia home, leading to a widespread search. Mason Ryan wasn’t rescued until 3 a.m., and it was thanks to his best buddy, Banjo, the family dog. Banjo stayed with Mason the entire time and barked to alert rescuers to the boy’s location. The Ryan family rescued Banjo two years ago, and the dog has certainly paid them back in kind. Good boy!

He may be small, but Banjo has a big heart.
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One thought on “Video: Family Dog Helps rescue Toddler Lost in the Woods”

  1. I loved this story, I can only imagine the dread in the poor mom and dad, but what a great dog to stay by his master’s side. They should make a movie about this story a true happy ending!!!

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