Video: Man and His Dog Cycle Around the Country to Promote Adoption

Here’s a wonderful story about a man and his dog who are cycling around the country to raise awareness of shelter dogs and to promote adoption. Michael Minnick adopted his dog, Bixby, from a shelter in Texas, and they’ve covered more than 5,000 miles so far. They visit pet shelters wherever they go, drumming up publicity for the available dogs there. Minnick plans to ride at least another 5,000 miles before he ends his journey in California.

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Michael Minnick and Bixbie have been on the road since September.
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One thought on “Video: Man and His Dog Cycle Around the Country to Promote Adoption”

  1. Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for caring!! Bless you for all your efforts. People need to be reminded to adopt, not shop and I am sure your plight is bringing some awareness to this. God speed on the rest of your trip and safe travels. Sincerely, Linda

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