Video: Blind Pup and His “Guide Dog” Stay Together

Ever since we published the famous story of Lilly and Maddison, a blind Great Dane and her guide dog who were looking for a new home back in 2011, we have been fascinated with these loving relationships between disabled dogs and their best friends. Now from Oregon comes the beautiful story of Dachshunds Herbie and Hilda, who were unceremoniously dumped over the fence at the home of a person known to rescue the breed. Hilda was clearly devoted to Herbie, who appeared to be blind, so shelter workers knew that the pair would have to be rehomed together. It would take quite a bit of work to make this story have a happy ending. . .

Click here for the full story.

Herbie, left, and Hilda, right are held by their new adoptive parents.
Photo by MOLLY J. SMITH / Statesman Journal

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