Video: Blind Veteran Meets His New Guide Dog

Brad Snyder meets a potential guide dog that could change his life.
Photo via NECN

Here’s a wonderful video report about a Navy lieutenant who lost his eyesight in an IED explosion in Afghanistan but who has not let his impairment slow him down. Brad Snyder went on to win gold at the London Paralympic games last summer and plans to live many more adventures. To help make his dreams happen, he needs a guide dog.

This story on NECN follows Snyder as he travels to Connecticut to be matched with a dog the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation:

There is no question his guide dog will make a huge difference in Brad’s already amazingly successful life. He travels a lot and needs help at every airport to get from the plane, through the terminal, to the taxi, into the hotel. A guide dog by his side, he says, “Allows me to take the train autonomously. Allows me to take planes and be a little bit more impulsive with my travel plans and makes me feel that I’m doing it myself as opposed to always having to be guided from spot to spot and that’s huge to me.”

Click here for the full story and to watch the video report.

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