Video: Beloved Dog Makes His Daily Commute to Town

Here’s a sweet story from a small town in northern Minnesota, where a dog named Bruno has made a daily commute that residents have come to expect and appreciate. Like a one-dog welcoming committee, Bruno wanders around town, making new friends and visiting old ones. Hiw owners, who adopted Bruno as a stray, tried to make him a regular homebody, but the dog has a the heart of a roamer. The whole town has taken on the responsibility of looking out for Bruno, and there’s even a Facebook page chronicling his travels.

There’s plenty here for responsible dog owners to criticize–from allowing the dog to brave the hazards of the road to his less-than-healthy diet–but it’s hard to ignore the love that Bruno finds at every corner in Longville. It’s as if he’s part of one, huge family.

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Photo via Facebook

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