Video: Can You Read Your Dog’s Body Language?

Yesterday, I ran into a great site called Eileen and Dogs, run by an amateur dog trainer and featuring tons of useful tips and information. What really caught my eye was the video above, which focuses on reading a dog’s body language to understand what they want and to gauge their comfort level. Eileen demonstrates a “consent test,” to show how two dogs react differently to being petted. Many people assume that dogs love to be petted and are always in the mood. As you’ll see, this is not always so.

Eileen has collected all her posts and videos that deal with dog body language on a single page, which is nice. Topics include dogs being petted, resource guarding, dog relaxation, and stress signals. The more we understand how our dogs are feeling and what they want, the better we can serve their needs and avoid conflicts.

Click here to see the dog body language posts.

Zani does not want to be petted, showing “whale eye.”

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