Video: Caring for Street Dogs of Houston, One at a Time

We’ve posted several times about the epidemic of stray dogs in Houston, Texas. Here’s a great video that shows one way that those dogs are being cared for. Erika Emal Gamez and Sandro Gamez, of South Side Street Dogs, visit with a squatter named Rick who lives down the street from them. Rick has “adopted” a mangy street dog. Given his financial situation, Rick can’t really care for the dog on his own, so Erika and Sandro help by bathing the dog and giver her medicine to treat her skin issues. Sometimes, they will even bring such dogs to their own home for a little TLC.

One thought on “Video: Caring for Street Dogs of Houston, One at a Time”

  1. Great article & video! However, this is only a very small fraction of the great things Erika Emal Gamez & Sandro Gamez , aka South Side Street Dogs, has done & is doing for the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, South Union, Pecan Park & countless others on literally a shoestring budget. They are AMAZING humanitarians who face extremely dangerous personal situations during all of the years they have performed 24/7 rescue work primarily on the unforgiving streets of the 2nd most dangerous neighborhood in the United States – shamefully, just blocks from the famous Texas Medical Center. For years they have endured gunshots, drive by threats, and personal assaults in order to do the work they have been called to do – saving the lives of the discarded, abused, neglected animals and performing community service for residents. Houston owes them a HUGE debt of gratitude as MANY homeless, injured and discarded animals have been rescued from those mean streets because of their unrelenting efforts. Thank you South Side Street Dogs – how can Houston EVER repay you?????

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