Video: Chinese-Made Dog Treats Now Making PEOPLE Sick

Despite the fact that more than 1,000 dog deaths have been linked to Chinese-made jerky treats, the FDA has never been able to find a specific cause. (We’ve posted about these cases many times, such as here .) There are now reports that three humans, two toddlers and an adult, have also been sickened after consuming these treats:

In the most recent FDA report, the humans who were reported to have been sickened after eating the products included two toddlers who ate them accidentally and an adult who may have been snacking on them on purpose.

Everybody involved, including the FDA, seems to be frustrated by this situation, and they have asked the CDC to help with the investigation. In the meantime, U.S. consumption of these Chinese-made products has declined drastically.

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Four-year-old Zoey died of kidney failure in 2013, and her owner says a local vet said that jerky pet treats might be to blame.
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