Video: Coast Guard Rescues a Dog Trapped in Icy Waters

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Yesterday, we posted a great story about California firefighters using a helicopter to pluck a struggling dog from a raging river, and here’s another wonderful tale of public-service heroes going above and beyond the call to save a dog’s life. Watch the video below and just look at what this brave man endured just to reach the struggling animal:

According to the Coast Guard, the dog was seen jumping into the water this morning. Crew members activated a search and rescue for the pup. Petty Officer 3rd Class Tim Putnam, wearing ice rescue gear, went into the water and swam to the dog. The Coast Guard said because of the amount of broken ice in the Bay, it took nearly 20 minutes for Putnam to swim the 200 feet to get to the animal.

It would be very easy to justify not risking the resources or the lives of the rescuers, but without even thinking twice, these men put themselves in danger for a dog. Bravo!

Click here for the full story.

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