Video: Couple Advocates for Adopting Disabled Dogs

Deuce the puppy was one of those that usually don’t make it out of the kennel and are instead euthanized before they even have a chance to find a loving home. But Melissa and Ken Rogers see past Deuce’s disability–he was born with just two legs–and are taking him hime to meet their other two-legged pooch, 10-year-old KanDu. It’s a heartwarming story about seeing the good and beautiful things about a dog, which are more important than any disability.

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One thought on “Video: Couple Advocates for Adopting Disabled Dogs”

  1. I was wondering if they make wheelchairs for dogs missing or cannot use their front legs. I just pulled a dog from a shelter for a rescue group I’m involved in and Shirley’s right front leg cannot be saved and her left shoulder is shattered and we are waiting to see if the ortho vet can fix it. If not, she can’t walk. How, where, do you get the wheelchairs. You can private message me on f/b if you’d like.

    By the way, fantastic job you are doing, would love to make a donation to your organization.

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