Video: Disabled Vet Confronted at Texas Starbucks Because of Service Dog

Every time I post one of these stories, I hope it’s the last one, but they keep on coming. This latest example of a restaurant employee harassing a person has a happier ending than some of the others—the employee eventually apologized—but the initial confrontation caused Yancy Baer plenty of stress and embarrassment:

“A gentleman from Starbucks meets me at the door and says I can’t have her in the store,” said Baer.
Baer says he explained that Verbena is his physical service dog.
“He stated, you’re not blind,” recalled Baer. “It was in your face, loud and bold. I got really nervous. I was shaking because I was being confronted.”
According to Baer, the employee continued to confront him in front of a store full of customers.
“I explained what all she does, and his next comment was, ‘Why can’t you do that yourself,’” said Baer.

To its credit, the Starbucks corporation immediately apologized and said it would use the event as a coaching tool for all its employees. The more companies that respond this way, rather than trying to dodge the bad PR, the more people will understand the laws about service dogs.

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One thought on “Video: Disabled Vet Confronted at Texas Starbucks Because of Service Dog”

  1. I’m sorry, but unless you were brought up under a rock you should know what a Service Dog is for and who it’s for. With all the news on TV, radio and the internet, you’d have to be brought up under a rock not to know. No excuse! I wonder what this employees resume looked like!!!!!!!!!!

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