Video: Dog Chased by Killer Whale!

Here’s something you don’t see very day, and for good reason. When a small pod of orcas came close to shore in New Zealand, it caused a bit of a stir. One diver in the water got out immediately, but then some nincompoop started throwing a stick into the water for a black Labrador to chase. What ensued is a pretty remarkable piece of video.

Everything turned out fine, and the orcas didn’t seem intent on hurting the human or the dog, but really: why would you take that chance? How would this person feel if the whales had, in fact, attacked the dog? A whole host of adjectives and names—many not printable here—come to mind to describe the stick-throwing dufus.

Click here for the full story.

Why would anyone put a dog in the position on purpose?

photo via Youtube

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