Video: Dog Guards the Body of His Owner in the Colorado Woods

Earlier today, we posted the story of a dog named Cooper, who protected a lost toddler during a thunderstorm. Now we bring the heroic tale of Buddy, who stayed with the body of his owner, 81-year-old Robert Blake, after Blake suffered a heart attack while cross-country skiing in Colorado. Blake’s wife, Marlene, says that knowing that Buddy was with her husband comforted her:

“I knew Buddy was with him, and would not leave him, I knew that, you know just from my heart,” recalled Marlene Blake. Marlene said that thought helped comfort her as search and rescuers looked for her husband, Bob, in Colorado this weekend.

And now that the ordeal is over, Buddy continues to help Marlene Blake in her time of grief.

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Marlene Blake says she knew Buddy would not leave her husband’s side.
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