Video: Dog Released from Hot Car in Washington, DC

Our friend and former colleague James Hathaway was in Washington, DC, on business over the weekend, and he stumbled upon a scene all too familiar: police and firefighters attempting to rescue a dog left in a parked car on a blazing hot day. It’s important that we continue to educate the public about how dangerous this situation can be for a dog. (See previous posts here and here.) And a hearty Bravo! to all the first-responders on the scene to help this beautiful pooch.

Thanks to some quick work by DC police and firefighters, this dog was saved from a horrible situation.
Photo by James Hathaway

2 thoughts on “Video: Dog Released from Hot Car in Washington, DC”

  1. How can people be so bloody dumb and just plain cruel. I guess they are pretty unevolved and unaware of anything but themselves. This makes me SO ANGRY.

  2. People such as the owners of this dog, should not have pets OR children. There should be a test to have either!

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