Video: Dog Returns to Her Family After 16 Days in the Woods

Here’s a great story about a community of strangers coming together to find a sweet Dachshund-Chihuahua mix lost in the Idaho forest. Hailey someone got away from her family on a road trip. The Talberts looked everywhere for her but eventually had to return home without her. They didn’t give up, though:

“The first night, people were saying there’s a lot of coyotes out,” Talbert said. “It’s just hard to hear things like that.”

But Talbert and her mother and stepfather Stephanie and Shaun Bevan kept looking, returning to the spot where Hailey disappeared to set out food and call her name.

“It was kind of a rollercoaster: You’d go up there thinking you might find her that day, and you’d come back devastated,” Talbert said.

Finally, after more than two weeks, they got the call they’d been waiting for. . .

Click here for the full story.

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