Video: Dog Saves Toddler from Rattlesnake Bite

An 18-month-old boy named Bryson may be alive today thanks to the bravery of his family’s Australian Shepherd, Shiloh, whose fast action and bravery averted disaster. Bryan and Alicia Holloway were enjoying an evening on the porch as Bryson played in the yard of their home in Seviervill, Tennessee. Suddenly, Shiloh charged toward the boy:

Bryson’s dad, Bryan Holloway, said that he thought Shiloh was going to attack his son but quickly figured out what was going on when Shiloh jumped up and screamed and appeared to be hurt.

“It dawned on me that he literally grabbed that snake from the feet near the babies foot,” said Bryan.

For his bravery, Shilow received a snakebite on his jaw, which required veterinary intervention, but he’s expected to make a full recovery. As you can imagine, the Holloways have been heaping praise and love on him since the event.

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