Video: Dog Suffering from Heat Stroke Saved in the Nick of Time

Here’s a harrowing tale about a dog whose owner took no precautions to protect him from the heat, and it almost cost the dog’s life. Thankfully, a reporter and a friend were driving by and saw Bosco lying in the grass next to the road, clearly struggling. Kim Craig and Sandra Abrahamian had assisted animal rescue groups before, so they stopped to help.

The video they shot of Bosco’s struggle and his trip to the veterinary hospital demonstrate how dangerous heatstroke can be for a dog. Now renamed Rosco, the dog is still recovering from his ordeal, and he isn’t out of the woods yet. You can follow his progress on the Detroit Dog Rescue Facebook page. Kudos to Ms. Craig and Abrahamian for stopping and for taking charge of the situation to save Rosco’s life.

Click here for the full story.

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