Video: Dog Survives on Highway Median for Five Weeks

Five weeks ago, witnesses on California’s Highway 99 reported seeing a German Shepherd fall out of a pickup truck near the town of Galt. For five weeks, police continued to receive calls about a dog wandering the median between the northbound and southbound lanes. But every time the police went out to look for the dog, she was nowhere to be found, and the many oleander bushes offered plenty of places to hide.

Finally, last Saturday, they decided to kick things up a notch:

Then, on Saturday around 6:30 a.m., the department got another call reporting another sighting.

“It’s Saturday morning, traffic is light, we are getting this dog,” Coehlo recalled thinking.

They shut down the highway and, despite the dog’s attempts to hide from officers, captured Frida and bundled her into a police car, the station reported.

“She just laid down and looked at us with those big brown eyes and was like, ‘Oh thank you,’ and like, ‘Please help me,’” Coelho told KCRA.

Nichnamed “Freeway Frieda,” the dog was in rough shape, hungry and with a fractured leg, but she is recuperating. The search for her owners is ongoing.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Dog Survives on Highway Median for Five Weeks”

  1. Please don’t try to find the owners…if they cared about her, she wouldn’t be in the back of pick up and on the middle of the road for 5 wks…I’m sure they are many responsible people who would love to care for her. She deserves so much better.

  2. Do not return Frieda to the owners if you find them. Fine them for stupidity & animal cruelty. Frieda deserves owners who will respect & love her.

  3. Why did the owner not report Frieda missing if they did not know she feel out. Or go back looking for her once they realize she was missing. They do not deserve her.!!!! Find some one who will love her and give her the home she deserves. I own two dogs and I would never let this happen. Stupidity!!

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