Video: Dog Travels with Charity Group Walking Across South America. . .and Rediscovers His Home

This story is wonderful on many levels. Last winter, four British men decided to walk 1,966 kilometers (1,222 miles) across South American—from Argentina to Brazil, site of the World Cup—to raise money to build a well in drought-stricken Bahia, Brazil. Along the way, they met a stray dog who began following them. The nicknamed him “Jefferson,” and he walked the last 800 kilometers of their journey as the unofficial mascot of the project.

The walk generated a lot of media coverage, and one day, a man saw a photo of the group and realized that Jefferson was really his dog, Nacho, who had gone missing. The man hitchhiked to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to be there when the men and dog reached their final destination. The video above shows their reunion.

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“Jefferson,” the unofficial mascot of the Walk to the World Cup group. It turns out his name is really Nacho.
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