Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues a Terrified Abandoned Dog

At the beginning of this video, Holly is as terrified and aggressive as any of the dogs that Hope for Paws‘s Eldad Hagar has rescued before, but through his amazing patience and calm demeanor, Eldad manages to make her feel comfortable. I am always amazed by his ability to change a dogs entire demeanor, and you can watch the fear drain from Holly’s eyes over the course of the video. Apparently, Eldad got lots of questions from viewers, and he answered them on his flickr page:

After seeing the video I posted yesterday, so many people asked me yesterday: how come you didn’t approach with food first???

The answer is: of course that I did (and I was told she likes chicken), HOWEVER, it is important to understand that when dogs are under THAT MUCH stress, food is the LAST thing on their mind.

Once I know this is the case, it is important to secure the dog as fast as possible – even at the cost of increasing the dog’s stress level.

The video has to remain short, so I don’t show every step of the way, but I promise that I always offer food first.

A few people also asked if the bite I took was bad, and the answer is: I didn’t take a bite there… I was fast enough to pull my fingers out of the way 🙂

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Holly’s transformation from aggressive to safe.
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

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