Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues an Abandoned Dog, Woody

Here’s yet another wonderful rescue video from Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws. Here, poor Woody had been abandoned when his family moved away. When Eldad and his friend, Lisa, find the dog, he’s in rough shape, but he cleans up into the cutest little guy. Here’s Eldad’s description of the video:

When Woody’s owner died, he was thrown out to the street and lived out there for a whole year… alone. Then, a call for help on the Hope For Paws line. I asked my friend Lisa Chiarelli to join me, and together we were able to complete one of the most beautiful rescues EVER!!!
Please SHARE this video and help us make it GO VIRAL so we can find Woody his loving forever home. Please make sure to watch all the way to the end… there is a very important message there.

3 thoughts on “Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues an Abandoned Dog, Woody”

  1. Have a rescued Pomeranian and a mini schnauzer,Lulu and Luka
    Little Woody would fit right in – a safe warm loving home and 2 gentle furry friends!
    Let me help him!
    Please email !!!!!!

  2. I would love this dog too. We have a very loving family with a small yorkie terrier and a small shih Tzu

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