Video: Eldad Hagar’s Most Inspirational Rescue Ever?

If you thought you thought that Miley’s rescue would be tough to beat for sheer inspirational power (as I did), get ready to meet Jordan, a puppy who had been abused and thrown into the L.A. River before Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws, rescued him. I watched this with my own dog on my lap, and I hugged Pedey a little tighter as the video went on. Be warned that the beginning is tough to watch, but the ending will have you smiling ear-to-ear.

2 thoughts on “Video: Eldad Hagar’s Most Inspirational Rescue Ever?”

  1. Thanks to everyone who helped. Jordan. It shows there
    Are good people still left out there. It was hard to watch
    The video at first, but seeing how it ended was worth
    All the anguish i first felt. Thanks to everyone who helped
    Him, too bad they couldn’t arrest the people who abused
    The dog. They should be in jail.

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