Video: Eldad Rescues a Dog Left to Fend for Herself

Here’s another wonderful rescue video from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. Madison’s owner sold his home and just left the little dog to fend for herself. Eldad and his friend Lisa manage to win the dog’s trust and get her to the vet and the groomer. By the end, the dog you see bears little resemblance to the scared girl you meet at the beginning.

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  1. Hello Mr. Phil Monahan,

    I would like to tell you a story of a very young 20 year old Mother who spends her days and nights rescuing animals here in Northern California. When she has to, she tots her 18 month old daughter with her, sometimes alone, but now with some helpers who have seen what she does and are now helping her at the drop of a hat. This young woman has been saving animals since she was very little and then got very serious about it when she was about 12 and working on rescue ranches with horses in all conditions, dogs, cats etc. She worked along side the non profit organizations with the animals, along side AControl, police, all in an effort to help animals that had not only been left behind but also horribly abused, mistreated with lack of food, veterinarian care, and simple things like cleanings, feet, sores, ears. She was involved with the putting down of animals on site at houses of hoarders, ranches where people would just leave the animals to starve, and either assist with euthanasia, loading up and taking back to the ranches for follow up care. She saw the worse of the worse at 12 and continued on while she became an expert rider, and dog trainer, and touched on some horse training. She would help out at the vet office and on the non profit ranches doing some of the most horrible things most of us would not be able to stomach to clean wounds, other areas that had sores from not being taken care of, laying in a barn stall with the sickest of horses who from hour to hour they did not know if they would make it or not. Some where in here everyone started calling her the Animal Whisperer, LOL, which is funny cause I think it was before anyone even heard of Cesar Millian. Some horses, or dogs, puppies, cats, did not make it, or would be suffering too much and have to be put down as she would be loving them, letting them know she was there. Not often would she break down a bawl a big cry, just little ones. Never thought I would see her let a big one until recently. Finally after all of these years she let loose and cried hysterically. But that story is later to come. I want to stay on with her rescuing animals and caring for them. She was taught to give shots, medicines where ever it needed to go, the IV shots or fluids in the necks, wormings, even chinese herbs for dogs boil infections they so often get, and they WORK!! All taking care of animals while getting calls to run and save one down in a gully, out in a swamp. Everyone had her number, and now 4 months ago we moved up here near Sacramento and WOW, we were floored how bad the dog population is and I liken it, if not worse then New Orleans. There are 100s a day reported on the group FB sites, and puppies, and so many pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Horribly abused, fighters, and bait dogs and she gets calls non stop day and night to go and save these animals. We have not started some web groups of our own to try and keep better of track of where and what is going on because so many around here are taking advantage of all these animals and pick up the ones posted as pure bred anything and they race to pick them up and “flip” them and sell to others without even trying to find owners which is suppose to be step ONE. Or a person will post one litter after another for sale and we know they are being stolen from somewhere, or this is someone who is a huge backyard breeder with connections to Mexico and they are shipped up here. There are so many rackets like that going on up here and even equipped with tons of evidence we try to make police reports and they say there is not anything they can do. Got off track there but literally you cannot drive any area without running into at least 1 lost dog, or dumped dog, a dog tied to a tree that was a fight or bait dog that is in horrible shape and also beat up while it was tied to the tree, dumped Mommy and babies in trash cans, big buckets several times a day and my daughter is called to go and get them and we try our darndest to get them placed with a rescue, a foster, someone other then a kill shelter, and we try to keep them long enough to get into a non kill shelter. Day before yesterday alone she had 3 mommies with pups, and then one litter of about 3 week old puppies she got called out on. Then in between all of this she issaving dogs left down where the boats come up into the river inlets (there is a name for them) and then the dogs just stay there as they do at the old airport, old dock areas etc. Others might try to get them, but even Acontrol gives up because they are so scared and starting to turn feral from being hungry and scared of people if they had been abused. Hell many have bbs in them :/ My daughter because as soon as we got up here immediately there was several cases of dogs no one could get and in her quiet way, not to brag just gets the address, finds her way there and manages to get the dogs. One she sat with almost day and night in the pouring rain to gain her trust, (about a 6 month old GS totally feral), and finally she got her, and was able to get her in the car. she has been working with her daily now to train her, rehab her physically and mentally, and this pup I believe could be a K9 she is so attuned to my daughter adn paying attention at each moment to HER. That just shows yet again her Whisperer traits, and also her awesome training that I think mostly comes from whisperer because she almost does not even have to talk to the animal. So, just a few weeks up here everyone calls her for the animals that are lost, and stuck somewhere, where they do not trust anyone, no one can get them to come to them saftely. Well, its my Daughter, Loriann they call now. Loriann is a miracle herself and we wish we had a place, a rescue to keep all of these animals because there are not enough in this area and that is for sure. We are going to try to start a non profit with the use of volunteers and definately some fosters to help house the animals we cannot find a place for, which is most of the time. WE will concentrate on finding the owners of these lost animals which most do not even seem to bother with here. Which Loriann usually will find the owners within a few hours either with reading the chip or walking the animal around the neighborhood, the parks, while putting up some flyers, and talking to kids and other adults around the area and someone usually knows who the animal belongs to!!! But that is just US, that do that most of the time, and its WRONG To not do that so we are trying to educate people that “saving” an animal does not stop by picking them up, it goes on to find the owners if it obvious is a well loved and fed dog. You can tell if its a dumped dog, or one who has been abused, not fed, beat up, used as a bait dog and those we need to get our rescue team on to find them a Vet appt, make sure they are ok, and then a safe place. I could go on forever the last 4 months since we moved up here and what an epidemic it is here and lord we NEED HELP, we need changes in laws, rules, about breeding and actually enforce them, fine people, jail people. STOP the puppies.!! Ok, when my daughter finally let loose years worth of tears was when she received many calls to a black lab mix puppy tied to a tree in Stockton and off she goes. The woman says its been there for 2 or 3 days that she knows of. Daughter gets there and unties the pup and the pup is trying to move strangely to like kiss her, lay on her, it appears she cant. Loriann thought maybe cause she had been tied up for so long. When she got her to the vet she could see something worse was wrong with her as she could not use her body, legs from under her arms to her toes. Loriann who is kinda little herself, carried this baby in. The vets report, after Exray and examination, and Loriann paying herself as we usually do, says, spinal cord injury. Loriann lost it then but she kinda knew what was coming. VET says, but this animal is happy loving, and she can live a wonderful life and even if its in a wheelchair she will be happy. Vet said, Loriann did not even ask, but others on the FB Group sites were telling her leave with VET to be put down or the shelter would pick her up and put her down, HE WOULD NOT PUT HER DOWN OR GIVE HER TO THE SHELTER!!! It was like because she was a rescuer, she had done her job of getting the dog but then her work was done, dump the pup on the VET. So he was getting his two cents in before my daughhter could do what most would do up here. But of course to the surprise of the VET my daughter said, ok, bed rest, I give her steroids, muscle relaxers, and the Vet gaveher IV stteroids to get a good boost in her to hopefully get some inflammation down fast.!! A friend got to Loriann and she actually let herself cry enough to except that emotional help from this friend, which usually Loriann holds it all together and inside to get the job done. At the vet, calling me, she was hysterical and I never saw her this way ever and I almost think it did her good. We have this puppy named SADIE, who the vet believes someone abused and probably hit very hard on the back with a baseball bat or something. We are trying to raise 1400 for a MRI to see exactly what the damage is, and if its jsut more steroids and bed rest, or something more to fix it. We are hoping soemthing minor as she has improved SO MUCH with the steroids alone! But now they are being teetered down and we hope she does not start to loose control of her legs again and then to no feeling again. :/ We pray if it is surgery we can gather up the funds, which they estimate could be 6000.00 dollars, and depending on if we can get into Davis College and get it done microscopically which is a better recovery and better chance for a better quality of life. We have this baby girl at our house and Loriann has her on bed rest and she is teetering down the steroids and we just had a fund raiser at a pizza place, but are a few hundred shot of our first need for the MRI. Loriann had some attachment to this baby girl and she says because she knows from having seen me go through so much with my back surgery and lack of movement and usinga wheelchair sometimes that she could not let this baby go without the best of help. Now, this is the story about my daughter Loriann. Not trying to take anything away from Elad, but I have read his “dog saves” and they really do not come close to what my 20 year old daughter has done on her own in her few short years, but we do love and appreciate any animals that are saved by anyone. All animals deserve to be saved because they just want love, and to give love, its that simple.

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