Video: How an iPhone Saved the Lives of Five Dogs Living in Squalor

Here’s another wonderful rescue video (below) from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws in Los Angeles. In this one, we learn that not only is Eldad committed, compassionate, and gentle, but he’s pretty smart, too. After he discovers that Rosie has given birth, he needs to find the puppies. At first, he thinks Rosie will lead him right to them, but she doesn’t. So he has to improvise, and he comes up with an ingenious strategy. He wants to share how well his plan works, so that others may use it in the future:

This rescue video is so important because it teaches a life saving trick of a mom and her babies. Please share it with everyone you know via Facebook, Twitter, emails, and blogs.

Rosie and her babies are all doing great, and I will share more stories and photos later, but now I have to run to my next rescue mission.
Thank you Liz Johnson & S.T.A.R.T Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team for contacting Hope For Paws – Animal Rescue., and for working closely with us on making this beautiful story come to a happy ending. They are all looking for a home, so that’s another important reason to click on this SHARE button right now. Thanks 🙂

The work that Eldad continues to do is inspirational.

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