Video: Ex Police Officer and His Service Dog Kicked Out of Sacramento Restaurant

A situation in California, in which a retired police officer and his service dog raises issues about not only fairness, but about dog-breed prejudices, as well. Joseph Rangel, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after 16 years of service as a police officer, requires the company of a service dog, and his Pit Bull, Crash, helps Rangel negotiate stressful interactions. It seems that Crash’s breed played a role in how the restaurant manager reacted when Rangel entered the restaurant.

What’s great about Rangel’s response is that he wants to focus on the teachable moment, rather than on punishing the restaurant. And the restaurant manager also seems to want to make things right. We need to continue publicizing these kinds of stories until the message penetrates the public consciousness.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Ex Police Officer and His Service Dog Kicked Out of Sacramento Restaurant”

  1. This makes sense, especially if it’s fine dining restaurants like these. Still, people come to have lunch and relax. Many people may be allergic to a dog, even if it does not interfere with anything. Still, there are rules and a dress code that must be followed for the convenience of all!

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