Video: Fargo Man’s Will Calls For His (Healthy?) Dog To Be Buried With Him

Neighbors of a North Dakota man were shocked to discover that his will called for his little dog, Paco, to be euthanized and buried with him. Some folks who lived in the same building with Paco reached out to a local news station with one question: Is this legal? As it turns out, it is:

The Humane Society says this type of practice is legal under North Dakota law pets are considered property, like anything else you own.

“When it comes to rules and requests, it’s a legal document, and literally ties our hands, and it needs to be overturned through the legal procedure, it’s not simply a matter of an animal shelter walking in and saying we are going to save this animal,” says Nukhet Hendricks from the Humane Society Fargo-Moorhead.

We’ve posted several times about how the legal definition of dogs as “property” creates problems.

What do you think should be done?

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