Video: Golden Retriever Has Most Super-Bowl-Themed Meal Ever. . .and Requires Emergency Surgery

Here’s a story that’s slightly humorous only in hindsight—because what happened to Logan could have actually been deadly—and it highlights how important vigilance can be when you’re having a big party that includes your dog.

During a Super Bowl bash, some children left a plate of Buffalo chicken wings on a chair. I mean, what was Logan to do with that delectable meal right at mouth height? So he scarfed them down.

Later that night, it was clear to Logan’s owners that something was desperately wrong with their best friend, so they rushed him to the animal hospital for emergency surgery. What they found in Logan’s twisted stomach, aside from the chicken wings, might surprise you. The only thing that might have made this story more appropriate would be if there’d been some seahawk feathers in there. . .

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One thought on “Video: Golden Retriever Has Most Super-Bowl-Themed Meal Ever. . .and Requires Emergency Surgery”

  1. Wow I am glad it turned out ok for him. Our Golden is the same way, she will consume anything she can swallow. Kept throwing up last week and I went thru it and she had ate the entire box from the carton of soda we had put in the refrigerator. Forgot to throw the box out so she took care of it herself. Last year she ate my husbands entire slipper. When the vet got her to vomit, the entire bottom sole came out in one piece. Not sure how she didn’t choke to death on it. Now we are looking all over before we leave the house for anything she might think to consume!

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