Video: Good Samaritans Save Dog from California Freeway

A dog running down the freeway is obviously an incredibly dangerous experience, but in an amazing show of compassion and teamwork, motorists did what they could to keep the poor, terrified dog safe. And then one woman, Andie Valerio, took it upon herself to rescue the dog. All of this great work was captured by a news team in a helicopter above, and watching this will help restore your faith in humanity for the day. You might even find yourself clapping at the nd end. . .

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Hero motorist Andie Valerio holds the dog she rescued.
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One thought on “Video: Good Samaritans Save Dog from California Freeway”

  1. I wish i could personally thank everyone who helped to save this dog’s life. Especially Andie!! You are all Heros!!! Bless you!

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