Video: Guide-Dog Attraction Leads to Real-Life Proposal

In the first episode of ITV’s Me and My Guide Dog which aired on 3 July 2013 we meet guide dog owners Mark and Claire who find true love through their guide dogs. Watch the moment Mark proposed to Claire. For a short video introduction to “Me and My Guide Dog,” click here.

One thought on “Video: Guide-Dog Attraction Leads to Real-Life Proposal”

  1. Many years ago, my family had a beautiful Labrador and dedicated one of her puppies to raise for “Leader dog for the blind.” As a family we worked with him on preliminary pretraining and when he was ready, took him to Rochester to have Leader Dog for the blind finish his training and he was chosen to be a leader dog for a blind woman in New York.

    Our family was sad to lose him ;but, happy he was able to help someone.

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