Video: Hero Dog Dies After Rescuing 7 People from Earthquake Rubble

Dayko the search-and-rescue dog had been trained for the kind of disaster that struck Ecuador on April 16th: a massive earthquake that registered 7.8 on the Richter Scale and caused widespread destruction. Working with the City of Ibarra Fire Department, Dayko spent days searching for survivors, and he is credited with rescuing at least seven people from the rubble.

Sadly, the four-year-old Yellow Lab collapsed from heatstroke, which brought on a heart attack. Despite the best efforts of veterinarians, Dayko passed away. He is being honored by his coworkers and the department, which issued the statement below in response to criticism from folks on the Internet. Dayko is the very definition of a Hero Dog.

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Dayko gave his life in the service of others.
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Statement from City of Ibarra Fire Department:

The Fire Department of the city of Ibarra, we would like to express a brotherly thanks to all the people that they gave us their support and to those that do not also in the passing of our beloved can dayko.

So same to prevent further dissemination of incorrect information and step to the misinterpretation and offensive comments against the institution bomberil, the guides and the canes, firefighters ibarra inform the public and to the community that the canine can dayko who died In the line of duty.

What caused the death of dayko is a heat stroke this happens because the dogs don’t have a very efficient system to regulate his temperature; which do not allow that can remove heat through perspiration as human beings.

The Canes regulate the heat of his body is through the gas exchange and they do it through your breath.

We would also like to know that not dayko died in the city of flints but in the city of ibarra while I was conducting an assessment, with the purpose of seeing that medication and watch our needs.
Dayko is not a golden retriever as it is mentioned in various media outlets nationally and internationally, but a 4 year old Labrador who was in the k9 unit since I was a year and a half in that time our can made several search and worked Location, as well as in shows where he stole the heart of the little ones.

Then carried out the necropsy of can by the veterinarian of the canine unit of the body of firemen ibarra, through report states that dayko dies by a massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure.

For this reason we ask the people who are limited to comment bad unfounded that are detrimental to the institution and the guides of the k9 unit.

We also invite the people who wish to learn more about the care and handling of the canes come the canine unit, which is located in the area of yahuarcocha in the station x3, in where they provide any kind of information.

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