Video: Hero Dog Pulls Girl from an Icy River

Wow. We have posted many hero-dog stories, but this is one of the most impressive we have seen. When two girls, ages 9 and 10, broke through the ice on the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton on Sunday afternoon, their lives were in immediate danger. Hearing their screams from a nearby bridge, Adam Shaw and his dog, Rocky, ran to help.

In the course of trying to reach the girls, both Shaw and Rocky fell through the ice, as well, but they were able to get back up. Then Shaw was able to pull 10-year-old Krymzen back onto the ice, but 9-year-old Samara was swept away downriver. What happened next is astonishing.

Rocky dove into the frigid water and swam to the little girl. She was able to grab onto Rocky’s leash, and he swam to the edge of the ice, towing the girl behind him. There, Shaw was able to pull both to safety.

Both Shaw and Rocky are being widely praised for their heroism, as they should be. The girls are home, safe and warm.

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Rocky, an 8-year-old Lab-Husky mix, towed the young girl to safety.

photo courtesy CNN

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