Video: Heroes Are Smuggling Dogs Out of Sochi to Safety

Wonderful stories of bravery and compassion continue to come out of Sochi, where the plight of stray dogs is getting almost as much coverage as the Olympic Games. This great article from the Washington Post highlights a group of activists who are smuggling dogs out of the city, where a contract to kill them has been issued, and into the Russian countryside:

On this night, the Chrysler had a rendezvous with volunteers from Moscow, who had just driven 1,000 miles to Tuapse, which was as far as they could legally go without Olympics credentials. They planned to fill their vehicles with dogs and then turn right around and drive 1,000 miles back, delivering these Sochi strays from seemingly certain extermination.

Many of the dogs will end up in Moscow, where it is possible for them to find new forever homes.

Click here for the full story.

Stray dogs brought out of Sochi are transferred to another car at a rendezvous point.
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