Video: Highly Trained Dog Joins Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

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Here’s a great story about a dog who has become a valuable member of of a big-city fire department. Three-year-old RIT, a Yellow Labrador retriever who has been certified by FEMA to work as a search-and-rescue dog, was inducted into the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue team on Monday.

RIT will be used to search for people still alive after a tragic accident, whether someone is stuck in a building collapse, ejected along the highway or a victim of a train derailment in South Florida. “A search dog like this can do the work of five humans when deployed in a situation where they’re actually looking for victims,” said Fort Lauderdale Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Heiser.

When he’s not saving lives, RIT will also work with kids, to serve as “a friendly face for the fire department.”

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