Video: How Do Dogs “See” with Their Noses?

This fascinating video, and the accompanying article on CNET, reveal some fascinating facts about the ways that our best friends experience the world through smells:

For example, dogs have stereo smelling, which means each nostril smells independently so pooches get a sense both of what a particular smell is and where it’s coming from. Dogs breathe in one hole in the nose and and out of another, so they’re always bringing in olfactory information that gets sorted by hundreds of millions of olfactory sensors. Those sensors send tons of information to the olfactory bulb, which, relatively, is much larger in the dog’s brain than in a human’s.

It’s amazing how their whole olfactory system was designed to work so well.

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2 thoughts on “Video: How Do Dogs “See” with Their Noses?”

  1. I can attest to that, I own English working Labs , getting ready to breed my girl btw, they are fabulous in the field BUT since I got involved in K9 Scent work with the NACSW we are addicted . It is a joy to watch my dogs work out difficult hides at trials and take home ribbons for top placements knowing that they are really using their abilities on their own to reach their success. I am just their voice to tell the judge what their findings are. It is one of the most fascinating sports . I now also understand a lot more about their noses.
    Great article!!!

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