Video: Indiana Woman’s Will Calls for Her Dog to Be Killed

Well, here we go again. . .we’ve posted before about dog owners who include a provision in their will calling for their dog to be put down. Connie Lay passed away last month, and ever since, dog lovers have been trying to save Lay’s German Shepherd from a fate she doesn’t deserve. According to the folks at PAWS of Dearborn County Humane Society, Bela is not vicious and is certainly adoptable. She was originally scheduled to be put down yesterday, as explained in the video above, but she received a stay of execution. Her fate remains unclear:

UPDATE: Bela was scheduled to be put down Tuesday morning, but that has since been delayed. A lawyer revealed later in the afternoon that the dog could be sent to a shelter in Utah, if enough money is raised.

Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle.

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Bela’s fate lies in the hands of the estate’s executor.
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3 thoughts on “Video: Indiana Woman’s Will Calls for Her Dog to Be Killed”

  1. tgis is about as pathetic and heartless as it gets!! I sure hope whatever vetinarian clinic agreed to do this I hope his/her business fails and everyone quits using them!! This dog does not deserve to die because some freak wants it buried with them!!! Dogs are better than most humans!!! Let someone care for it on agreed basis it gets buried with this freak when the dog has lived out its “natural” life!!!

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