Video: Iraq Vet and the Dog He Served with Are Reunited

Here’s a wonderful, short video that shows the moment that Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson was reunited with the dog he served with, Robby. The pair spent four years together in Iraq. Simpson retired last year, and Robby continued working.

“[It’s] probably the most difficult task we have to do, other than having your dog passing away,” Simpson told Fox’s Tampa Bay station WTVT. “It was very tough to go through, and you don’t know if the dog understands. Having to say goodbye, that is heartbreaking.”

But when Simpson heard that Robby was also retiring, he flew to Germany to adopt his old pal and partner. What a wonderful ending to a story that began in a war zone. Now both will enjoy a happy life in comfort.

Click here for the full story.

Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson and Robby together in the war zone.
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