Video: Iraq War Vet Reunited with His Canine Partner

I love these stories of service members and their canine partners finding each other again and setting off on a new life together, far from the war zone. Sgt. Jason Bos hadn’t seen his bomb-sniffing dog, Cila, in nearly two years, so he was clearly excited when the dog came off the plane. (See the video below.) The two had a long history together:

Over nearly five years, Bos and Cila. . .had forged a bond as they searched for roadside bombs and hidden weapons caches in Iraq, and screened sites for presidential visits across the U.S. Their partnership ended when a back injury forced Bos to leave the Army in 2012.

The pair were brought together again with the help of the Humane Society and Mission K9 Rescue. We hope they share a long, happy life!

Click here for the full story.

Cici, the bomb-sniffing Chocolate Lab veteran, is reunited with Sgt. Jason Bos.
Photo by O’Hare International Airport

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