Video: Jail Time for Dog Deaths at Arizona Boarding Facility

Back in June 2014, we posted about the horrible scene at the Green Acres Dog Boarding Facility in Gilbert, Arizona (see the original story here), where more than 20 dogs died in an unexplained tragedy. Since then, we’ve offered several updates (here, and here). Yesterday, the owners of those poor dogs finally got a small taste of justice, as Tod and Maleisa Hughes, the owners of the boarding house, were sentenced to jail. . .but, unfortunately, not for very long.

Some of the dog owners are happy to have gotten at least some admission of guilt, but others would have liked to have seen the case go to a jury trial.

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One thought on “Video: Jail Time for Dog Deaths at Arizona Boarding Facility”

  1. I wouldn’t let that trash anywhere near any animals I was taking care of. Let them do their puny community service at the city landfill. 21 days in jail is a joke to ppl like them.

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