Video: Kansas Woman Dies Trying to Save Her Dog

Here’s an extremely sad story which elicits two, very different but equally valid responses: respect for a woman who so loved her dog that she would heroically risk her life trying to save him, and the understanding that it’s best to leave such rescues to the professionals.

When Erika Owen’s pup Kairos ran out onto the thin ice of Wichita’s Chisholm Park Lake, the woman followed. They both fell through, and attempts to rescue them were too late. By all accounts, Ms. Owen was a selfless, kind person, so it doesn’t surprise folks who knew her that she would try to help.

We post many videos of heroic rescues by firefighters and other professional. Please, if you find yourself in this position, call for help.

Click here for the full story and here for more about Ms. Owen.

Erika Owen and Kairos both died after falling through the ice.
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2 thoughts on “Video: Kansas Woman Dies Trying to Save Her Dog”

  1. Horribly sad. So sorry for her family but, I can totally understand why she did it also. I would probably attempt to do the same to save my own.

  2. Very sad story, I totally understand her doing it though. I also would do anything to rescue my dog. They are family and you do anything for family.

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