Video: Kiah the Pit Bull Defies Stereotypes to Become a Police Dog

Around the country, many police officer spend time avoiding Pit Bulls, or even forcing owners to get rid of the dogs in places where breed-specific legislation prohibits them. But police in Poughkeepsie, New York, are going in exactly the opposite direction by training a Pit Bull named Kiah to be a sniffer dog who will search for drugs and help find missing persons. When she graduates from K9 school, Kiah won’t be the first Pit Pull police dog, but she will join a small number of dogs breaking down stereotypes about the breed.

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Kiah is training to help the Poughkeepsie police force.
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One thought on “Video: Kiah the Pit Bull Defies Stereotypes to Become a Police Dog”

  1. Thank you people don’t get it they only learn what there taught as with a child ….but some people have their mind set and they not willing to accept change years ago when I was a child we had Dobermans and people felt the same way
    Thank you again for this article
    Norma S

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