Video: Labradors Are Awesome

Lab lovers and dog lovers of all kinds will get a kick out of this compilation of wacky dogs exhibiting classic lab behavior. A couple of these might make you raise your eyebrows—and one hopes that the dog was offered assistance as soon as the camera was turned off—but it’s clear that everyone here loves their crazy dog.

2 thoughts on “Video: Labradors Are Awesome”

  1. Some of these are NOT funny, like the dog humping the woman’s leg, the scared puppy under the plastic pool, and the dog with his head stuck in a jar. The dog with his head stuck could have been hurt. Why do people let their pets be in a situation that is scaring them or possibly harmful to them for laughs?

    The other ones were cute, but people need to think of how the dog feels about some of these situations. Being scared or feeling trapped is not a good place to be. Oh, and the dog humping the woman’s leg should have an appointment with the vet.

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