Video: Louisiana Hotel Refuses Reservations for Family with Service Dog

Here we go again:

A family from North Carolina booked a one-night hotel stay in Baton Rouge, but were told to go elsewhere because they were bringing a service animal to help their son. The mother says they’ve never had that kind of treatment, especially since it’s a violation of the law.

Since education and holding businesses’ feet to the fire are the only ways that we’re going to stop these ridiculous and hurtful situations from happening, we will continue to post these stories. When a business makes a bad mistake like this, it should not take the corporate office a week to reach out to the customer, and then just to say, “Okay, we’ll let you stay here.” Looks like they messed with the wrong mom in this case.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Louisiana Hotel Refuses Reservations for Family with Service Dog”

  1. I’m in agreement the hotel knew it violated the ADA Act and as a result of me saying I knew the laws I was terminated on June19, 2014. Totally unfair situation to be placed in.

    1. Julie Ann – If you were the employee working on that day 1) I am SO incredibly sorry. My intent to bring his discrimination to light was NEVER intended to harm more people 2) I hope there is some way that you are able to sue for a retaliatory termination.

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