Video: Man and Service Dog Not Allowed to Board Flight

Savior had all the necessary documentation to get on the plane.
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A man and his service dog trying to fly from Texas to Mexico City found that the Mexican-owned airline Aeromar wouldn’t allow the dog, Savior, on the plane. We are accustomed to posting such stories in which the poorly-trained person at the counter is the real culprit, but Davis Hawn took his request all the way to the top, to no avail:

“My dog was not going to be in a cargo box in 100 degree heat, flying on a little plane going into Mexico today,” Hawn said. “Number one, it’s not a requirement. It’s against the law, but number two, I’m not going to risk the life of my best friend.”

I think you’ll find that Mr. Hawn is very sensible about his experience and really wants to help others in the future. But Aeromar should certainly pay for failing to do its duty. . .

Click here for the full story and video.

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