Video: Man Reunited with Dog Lost After Tragic Car Accident

The Bostick family—Terry, his pregnant wife Colby, thirteen-month-old Easton, and Jackie the dog—was involved in a horrific 25-car pileup in a late December blizzard, as they traveled from Iowa to College Station, Texas, for the holidays. Tragically, Colby, who was carrying twins, was killed, and in the chaos, Jackie was lost.

As the Bosticks grieved, a truck driver picked up what he thought was a stray dog and took Jackie to Minnesota. He gave the dog to a friend, who used the Internet to find Jackie’s owners. Then volunteers from around the country helped to bring Jackie back to his loved ones, which brought a certain amount of comfort in a time of pain:

“It’s just an amazing story of survival in that kind of weather that she’s never been in and it gives me comfort that Colby is looking out for us,” [Bostick] said.

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Jackie with young Easton Bostick.

photo via CBS11

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