Video: Maymo’s Birthday Present!

We’ve posted video of Maymo the Lemon beagle before (see here and here), and he’s pretty much a social media star, with his own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Last week, Maymo’s people decide to give him the best birthday surprise ever by dropping over 100 balls into the middle of the dining room floor for him alone to play with. It doesn’t take long for this cute dog to pounce on his gifts, running wildly through the sea of balls with reckless abandon, until he tires himself out from all the excitement, falling fast asleep next to his sister Penny on the carpet.

One thought on “Video: Maymo’s Birthday Present!”

  1. I just brought this stuff yesterday and you are telling me that you are no longer taking contest entry for the $ 500.00 contest. What kind of rip-off is this.

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