Video: More on Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog

Last week, we posted about Smiley, an amazing Golden Retriever who was born without eyes, yet who has lived a full life as a therapy dog. Since then, Smiley’s story has gone worldwide, and the Washington Post has a wonderful article, full of great photos and a video, focusing on Smiley’s life and work:

During his weekly visit at the local library last year, Smiley sat down with an autistic child who, George was told, had never been able to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. During a reading program for special needs children, the girl flipped through pages in a picture book with Smiley for 30 minutes, George said. “Her mother was just floored that she was able to do that,” she said.

Click here for the full story.

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  1. We think we read that a book was going to come out around August 2016 about Smiley. Perhaps we mis-read…or is there a book in the works? If it exists, we would love to buy a copy of it.

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