Video: Nearly 40 Sick Dogs Rescued from Chicago Suburb

Last week, police responding to a well-being check at a dilapidated home in Glencoe, Illinois, made a horrifying discovery: thirty-nine dogs living in deplorable conditions. It took nine hours for rescuers in hazmat suits to remove all of the dogs and take them to two area animal hospital:

[Veterinarian Sarah] Grogman said the dogs, ranging in age from 2 to 5 years old, were so covered in feces that their eyes and ears did not become visible until they were cleaned and shaved. She said the dogs, who appeared to be related, looked as if they had been fed, but many had infections that led to the loss of their ear tips and tails.

The dogs were scared and clearly not used to being handled by people, she said. They were so matted with hair and feces that most moved as if they had never walked on a floor, she said.

Sadly, five of the dogs had to euthanized, but there is hope for the rest. . .

Click here for the full story and another video report.

One of the incredibly matted dogs rescued last Thursday awaits the grooming shears.
Photo by Abel Uribe, via

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