Video: Oakland Firefighters Save a Dog from a House Fire

Last week, firefighters in Oakland, California, responded to a house fire, where they discovered a dog crate in a smoke-filled room. They could see the unconscious pup inside, so they acted quickly:

“During the search they found a dog crate with a dog inside. Search crew brought the unconscious/unresponsive dog outside and E26 immediately started to provide care to the dog.”

“After providing rescue breathing to the dog the Ambulance Supervisor arrived with a snout mask and we are happy to report the dog is doing well!” the Department Facebook page said. “Great job to all members involved!”

Kudos to these brave first-responders who run into the building that most of us run out of and who work so hard to save every life.

Click here for the full story.

Oakland firefighters work tirelessly to save a dog rescued from a burning house.
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